Customized Tape

We Also Provide Custom Tape

The climate you work in, the type of box you use, plus the weight of the box, all play an important role in choosing the right tape.

Our wide range of tape products for moving and shipping include:

Carton boxes sealing tape, Kraft tape and tape dispensers
Regular masking tape and Packing Tape
Custom Printed Tape for your business

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Carton Sealing Tape (5)

Tape Dispensers (5)

Masking Tape (8)

Reinforced Kraft Tape (1)

Duct Tape (3)

48mm x 55m Stucco Masking Tape w/Serrated Edge

48mm x 55m Stucco Masking Tape with Serrated Edge. Protective masking for non-painted surfaces, such as wood, glass, steel, vinyl, aluminums. Indoor and outdoor application. Moisture resistant. Adhesive holds on rough surface