Moving 101

Moving Appliances – Moving 101

  • Clean and dry all appliances at least 24 hours before your move date.
  • Consider using empty space in your appliances to move lightweight or crush-able items.
  • Remove broiler pan and racks from your oven.
  • Tape burners or coil elements to the top of your stove and tape down all knobs.
  • Disconnect and empty all washing machine hoses and store them inside the machine. Immobilize the tub with a brace or by placing towels between the tub and sidewall.
  • Tape electrical cords to each appliance and tape all doors and lids closed.
  • Dishes or Glasses
  • Wrap breakables in tissue paper and use newspaper to fill extra spaces in boxes.
  • Pack plates on their edges. Consider using potholders and dishtowels to cushion the bottom and sides of your boxes.
  • For greater protection, consider purchasing “dish packs” sold by packaging stores.
  • Fine silver should be wrapped in cloth or silver paper.
  • Wrap all pieces individually with enough newspaper, bubble cushioning or foam to create a cushion effect.
  • Do the same for decorative pieces or bric-a-brac.