Painters & Masking Tape

Masking tape is used for shipping and most moves. With G M Packaging, you are getting the best prices on all your masking tape and other tape product needs.

Natural Masking Tape - 12mm  x  55m T1004Natural Masking Tape - 12mm x 55m72 / Each
$ 0.37

Natural Masking Tape - 18mm x 55m T1005Natural Masking Tape - 18mm x 55mEach
$ 1.50

Natural Masking Tape - 24mm x 55m T1006Natural Masking Tape - 24mm x 55mEach
$ 1.60

Natural Masking Tape - 36mm x 55m T1007Natural Masking Tape - 36mm x 55mCases
$ 2.69

Natural Masking Tape - 48mm x 55m T1008Natural Masking Tape - 48mm x 55mEach
$ 3.31

Natural Masking Tape- 72mm x 55m T1009Natural Masking Tape- 72mm x 55mEach
$ 5.83

48mm x 55m Stucco Masking Tape w/Serrated Edge T153248mm x 55m Stucco Masking Tape w/Serrated Edgepiece
$ 10.25


Green Painters Tape

 Use our Painters Tape for masking painted surfaces, wood and metal, as well as for holding plastic or paper drop cloths.

  • Flexible and conformable
  • Resists paint bleed
  • High shear values and consistent surface contact for secure holding power


Green Painters - 36mm x 55m T1126Green Painters - 36mm x 55mEach
$ 5.60

Green Painters - 48mm x 55m T1170Green Painters - 48mm x 55mEach
$ 7.50