Custom Tape Solutions

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We offer a large selection of stock printed tapePlease view our complete list here.

Product Information

  • All tape is based on Poly Pro 30 Mic Hot Melt Adhesive.
  • We can also provide 40 Mic, 32 Mic PVC & Water Activated Reinforced Tape.

Print-Die & Artwork

Custom printing on tape requires a print-die to be made. This is a one-time charge as the print-die can be
reused as long as the print required is exactly the same.

  • Please provide camera ready artwork
  • Files should be in either .PDF or .AI formats, being 300DPI or higher

Approximate Plate & Artwork Charge*

  • 1 Colour: $75.00-$100.00
  • 2 Colour: $120.00-$150.00
  • 3 Colour: $150.00-$200.00

*Plate and artwork charges vary with the complexity, number of colours, and quantity ordered. Please notethat some exceptions to the cost may apply for specific PMS colours or images over 15” in length

Tape Application

In order for the tape too adhere to product correctly, it is recommended that a tape gun is used for application. By applying pressure and rolling with the tape gun, the tape will fully stick to the corrugate. If the tape is applied by hand, the tape will not stick and will peel off easily.

Tape Sizes

NOTE: All shelf lives are based on room temperature storage.

Hot Melt

Hot melt tape has greater adhesion to corrugate in comparison to acrylic tape. Hot melt is ideal for shipping or short
term storage. This tape, once stuck to itself, cannot be unstuck and tears off. Hot melt is ideal for medium-weight
cartons. The shelf life for 30mic+ is 2-2.5 years.


Acrylic tape can withstand a greater temperature range, as well as a larger range of humidity. Acrylic tape is more ideal
for long term storage. This tape can unstick from itself with ease, and no tearing occurs. Acrylic is ideal for light to
medium-weight cartons. Acrylic tape is UV resistant, and will not lose its colour when exposed to sunlight for extended
periods of time. The shelf life for 30mic+ is 2-2.5 years.


PVC tape is more expensive but offers an even stronger adhesion. This tape is extremely durable and has the longest shelf life at 4 years. This is the highest quality tape offered on this list. PVC is ideal for medium-weight cartons.

Water Activated

Water activated (also known as Gummed) tapes will not adhere until the adhesive side is exposed to water, due to the adhesive being water-based. The tape is also tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. Water tape is ideal for medium-weight cartons. The shelf life is 1 year.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.*

F.O.B. G M Packaging Ltd. Mississauga

Custom Printed Tape Quote Request

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Note: All custom tape orders require a 50% deposit. Cost includes one free revision. Subsequent revisions $25/ea.


    Prices Provided Were Effective As Of May 17th, 2021.